New Delhi: In the sensational case of businessman Manish Gupta’s murder, wife Meenakshi says police are being negligent. According to her, police officials are giving absurd rhetorical statements and the convicted policemen have not been arrested so far.

Meenakshi Gupta wants a CBI probe into the case. “In all the assurances given by the government, nothing has been given in writing. Only a few applications have been signed”: she levelled several allegations against the police while speaking to ABP Ganga.

Meenakshi Gupta says she is deeply saddened by the police statements and commented that such senior police officers should be ashamed. She says trusts Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath but not the police. 

“I am saddened by the police statements”

As per the top police officials, police reached there on receiving information about the suspects. “I was very sad when it came to my notice. If all the evidence and proofs are out in the open then why such childish talks? These things being said by senior officials are what makes me worrisome. The police are totally wrong in saying that he did not have an ID card. Manish Gupta used to leave the house carrying all his ID cards with him. Pictures that have surfaced in the media also show that the Aadhaar card is kept with the wallet. It is absolutely wrong for the police officers to say so, all our courage breaks because of it, I have the proof right now and I will not give up,” she said.

“All the evidence has come to light”

She added: “It is my appeal to the Chief Minister that such senior officers should not make such statements. Their statements are neither being trusted nor satisfactory. It is being said that Manish is running away but the photo clearly shows that, he is lying comfortably. The point of running is totally wrong. Because it is not possible to run from the place where he is standing. Manish used to carry all the ID cards with him”. “Evidence has come out in the open and so the facts have also emerged, we are being rejected and the public is being fooled. They should be ashamed of their statements,” she commented. 


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