Protein Benefits And Deficiency Symptoms: Protein is essential to keep the body healthy. It acts as building blocks for our muscles, skin, enzymes as well as the hormones in our body. Our body needs to feed on proteins to build body tissues. According to a survey, around 1 billion people globally are suffering from protein deficiency. Protein deficiency is mostly found in children, the elderly and people suffering from illnesses. Proteins provide energy to the body. Lock of proteins in the body may lead to fatigue as well as joint and body pain. Most of our hair and nails are made up of proteins. Proteins also play a crucial role in formation of many enzymes, chemicals and hormones in the body. Lack of protein can lead to a lot of hormonal issues in the body. Let’s know the benefits of protein and what are the symptoms of protein deficiency in human body.

Protein Deficiency Symptoms:  

1. Lack of proteins in out body can be reflected by swelling on the face, skin and stomach.
2. Dry and lifeless hair and high amount of hairfall can also indicate lack of proteins in one’s body.
3. Weak bones are also an indicator of low protein levels, as bones absorb protein during development and repairs.
4. Muscle pain can also arise due to lack of protein in our body.
5. Lack of protein and calcium in the body can trigger nail infections and also losing of nails.
6. Lack of protein causes increased and frequent fatigue as proteins are carriers of energy in our body.
7. Deficiency of protein also reduces your immunity, which may cause you to fall sick frequently.
8. Due to lack of protein, you may suddenly start feeling bloated and fat. The body does not get enough energy when you suffer from protein deficiency, due to which the body takes more pressure to create energy.
9. Lack of protein restricts physical growth in children, especially when it comes to their height. So it is definitely recommended to include protein-rich foods in the diet of children.
10. Formation of new cells may be hindered due to lack of protein, which may cause delay in healing wounds.

Benefits of Proteins:

1. Provides instant energy: The body gets energy from carbohydrates and fats. However, if you are taking fewer calories to lose weight, proteins may provide the much needed energy to your body. Protein works to provide instant energy to the body.  

2. Helps in Muscle building: Proteins are also needed to build and shape muscles. Protein is also needed to protect the muscles from weakening during weight loss. Protein also helps prevent muscle damage during workouts.  

3. Helps make bones strong: Protein is crucial in improving your bone health. Protein reduces the possibility of osteoporosis and also helps in maintaining and strengthening bone density.

4. Improves immunity: Proteins and amino acids are necessary to strengthen the immune system. They help the body’s process of developing T-cells, B-cells and antibodies in the immune system that protect the body from infection.  

5. Keeps the stomach full for longer: Eating foods rich in protein does not cause hunger quickly. It reduces the desire to eat again and again. Protein also keeps your brain and stomach good.  

6. Helps burn fat faster: Protein works to increase metabolism in the body. If you burn a lot of calories throughout the day, it is recommended to consume the right amount of protein. Protein also helps in burning fat.

7. Keeps the heart healthy: Many researches have shown that eating protein helps in lowering blood pressure. It also reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol, and reduce possibility of heart conditions.

8. Helps heal wounds faster: Protein is crucial for muscle and organ development in the body. Body heal faster with adequate protein levels. Protein reduces inflammation and helps heal wounds faster.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Please take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, kindly consult a doctor.


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