Anantapur: In a shocking incident, a priest, an ardent devotee of local deity Gampa Mallayya, slipped and fell from a cliff in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur. 

The video showed the priest dancing to appease the deity on a slippery cliff in full public view and while reaching the edge, he fell from the hillock. 

The incident was recorded on mobile phones by the spectators who had gathered around. 

The mishap occurred on Saturday (August 21) in Anandraopet village of Andhra’s Anantapur district. The 49-year-old priest identified as Appa Papayya climbed a vertical cliff on an oil soaked edge and danced to appease the deity. Apparently, he used to offer prayers this way four times in “sraavana maasam” every year.Earlier too he tried to dance on a slippery edge covered with oil. Coincidentally, the locals recall,  Appa Papayya’s grandfather also died similarly many years ago


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