New Delhi: Domestic flights would now be able to fly with 100% occupancy. On Tuesday, the Civil Aviation Ministry approved air operations for scheduled domestic flights with 100% passenger capacity. So far, domestic flights were able to ply with only 85% seat occupancy.

Covid guidelines and SOPs still need to be followed at airports as well as on airplanes, as per the notification issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Strict adherence to these regulations would be ensured by authorities.  

The government had previously restricted the number of passengers on flights owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Sept 18, 2021, the Ministry had allowed 85% flying capacity.

In the first 6 days of September, 2 million people travelled by air every day. Similar figures were seen in the month of August. In August, 65,26,753 people travelled by air in 57,498 domestic flights across the country, 33% higher than the number of domestic flight passengers in July.

The central government had announced some relaxation in air travel rules from August, following a reduction in COVID-19 cases. The government has announced hikes in domestic flight fares twice, once on June 21 and then once again on August 13.


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