SCO Military Exercise: CDS General Bipin Rawat arrived in Russia’s Orenburg, to take part in the common SCO military exercise of eight countries, including India, China, Pakistan and Russia, for the first time after the Galwan Valley violence and prolonged tensions over the LAC.

During the meeting, he met military commanders from countries throughout the world and commended their military training and professionalism. 

In ‘Exercise Peaceful Mission’ 2021 (September 11-25) under the aegis of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), military troops from all eight countries are practicing fiercely for validation exercises.

Gen. Rawat, on a two-day visit to Russia, attended the conference of the Chiefs of General Staff of the SCO member states in Orenburg and witnessed the final validation exercise.

The main charter of the ‘Exercise Peaceful Mission’ is a joint counter-terrorism mission. The Peaceful Mission is an exercise to be carried out in an urban setup, which will create a joint command and a drill to deal with the threats posed by terrorists.

Significantly, the SCO’s anti-terrorism exercise was earlier going to be held in Pakistan, but India refused to participate in such a case. Now, apart from India and Russia, military troops from China and Pakistan are also participating in the ‘Exercise Peaceful Mission’. 

A total of 200 Troops from India are participating in the exercise. The contingent is also being attended by 38 Air Warriors of the Air Force including all Arms soldiers of the Indian Army. All these soldiers have arrived in Russia by two IL-76 aircraft and have undergone rigorous training before participating in the exercise. 

This is the sixth exercise of the member countries of SCO i.e. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which is held once every two years. The SCO Organisation has in total of eight countries member including India, Russia, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 

The SCO exercise aims to cooperate with military interaction as well as global cooperation against terrorism. Adding to this, good practices of all countries have to be adopted.


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